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We are experts at local Gold Coast SEO and beyond. Our approach is to use our 20+ years of web development to your advantage. If you scroll down you will see an example of our Facebook App that can turn your Facebook posts into SEO content.

High value SEO services is our specialty - when you work directly with a skilled developer your site responds much quicker without the bloated price tag.

With SEO the challenge is finding the niches for your business against ever present competition. Our policy is to take on one client only for a specific category - you probably do not want to be the one competing against us.

We are better at SEO than just about anyone on the Gold Coast for the following reasons -:

  • We have been doing it longer (started before Google existed)
  • We do it ourselves
  • Focus on innovation rather than cheap tricks
  • Anticipate and evolve with changes
  • With SEO the best predictor of future success is past success
  • We have many long-term successes
SEO Appraisal Gold Coast

SEO SWOT Analysis

Examining your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in terms of a matrix is a decision-making tool used in many businesses and business schools. We produce an SEO SWOT Analysis in our 10+ page analysis of your site. Being developers since 1996 from server - development - video - apps specialising in marketing we will be able to anaylise your site. We will get you to the top of Google and keep you there.

SEO SWOT Analysis

SEO Efficiency

Our overheads and costs are lower than less experienced competition because we are more efficient. Web developers since 1996 with specific techniques to enhance efficiency for both us and yourself. Why pay $500 per month - when we can get better SEO results for $200 from a local Gold Coast SEO service.

We develop a variety of SEO enhancing techniques - an example below is a Facebook App we developed that connects to our Facebook posts and turns them into on page SEO enhancing content.

Free Hosting and Updates

For clients using our systems we offer -:

  • Free Hosting
  • Free Website Updates
  • Help Setting Up Email

Google loves frequent updates so we work with our clients so there are no hidden charges. Using systems we have developed in-house allow for faster updates and lower costs. Read article Why a Multi-Skilled SEO offers better value


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